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A Blog About Innovative Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Family from the Dangers of EMF Fields

EMF Pollution Solutions

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Featured Product:
EarthCalm Voyager

EMF Protection for everyone in your car.

Why do I need the Voyager?

Electronic instruments in the dashboard, all emit radiation into your car. Your alternator generates powerful EMF radiation. To make matters worse, with your car's metal frame, all this EMF radiation is trapped inside..

Now add radiation from cell towers and power lines you pass on the road and you’re immersed in electrosmog. This could result in drowsiness, irritability, "mind fog," and possibly more serious health issues over time.

Also, any new car these days has multiple computer systems, and these emit even more EMFs than older cars..

Hybrids and Electric Cars

EMF levels in hybrids and electric cars are much higher. Sure, you're doing your part to help save the planet with your alternative car, but you’re putting your health at greater risk.

EarthCalm Voyager: Simple and effective potection from car radiation.

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The Benefits of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy As Seen On Dr. Oz: The iMRS Is Here!

The iMRS Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy System











Dr. Oz recently showed what Europeans have known for nearly two decades: Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy has enormous benefits in maintaining health and well-being. Now this remarkable modality is available on this side of the Atlantic: The iMRS by Swiss Bionic Solutions..

Special Sale through March 31, 2015

Free iMore Sustem with every order of an iMRS Well Fit, Complete or Professional!

Savings: USD 608.00 / CAD 608.00 / EUR 406.00


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iMRS: Treat the more than 75 trillion cells in your body to resonant energy at the speed of light! The iMRS body energy regeneration system utilizes pulsating magnetic field therapy and a Sound/Light Relaxation System (iSLRS). Regular use of the iMRS has countless health benefits, including enhanced body energy through ATP production, greater oxygenation to red blood cells, improved athletic performance, greater healing ability, to name just a few.

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Call for pricing: 828-689-5787

Swiss Bionic Solutions products are available only from authorized distributors. To order, or to find out more, call Hank or Barbara at 828-689-5787, or send us an email.

Welcome to ATAP Creations

We believe that All Things Are Possible. If you can clearly identify a desire or need, then you can find a means of fulfilling it. The fundamental purpose of life is to be happy and healthy, in order to enjoy the pursuits that we choose. We look for the simplest, most common sense solutions to help achieve this purpose.

mountain roadThe products we recommend to our friends, family, and the world at large are things we use ourselves and from which we have benefitted.

We have personally experienced the stress of electromagnetic pollution in our home and environment. Even in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, we cannot escape EMFs! After years of extensive research, we have found simple and effective solutions that really work to end the stress.

Our years of research have led us to scientific evidence about EMF dangers. The evidence exits, the facts are clear: EMF Pollution is harmful to your health and well-being. Our FAQ contains more details about our personal journey of finding a solution to the profound stress of living in a house filled with chaotic EMF fields. These experiences led to our becoming independent affiliates and distributors of the EarthCalm product line.

Here’s why we value the EarthCalm products: EarthCalm products enhance the body's own innate ability to heal itself when freed from the constriction and stress generated by manmade EMFs.

Our blog, EMF Pollution Solutions, will share some of the research and evidence we have found about the hazards of EMF pollution, and how to protect yourself and your family.

ATAP Creations: All Things Are Possible

ATAP Creations invites you to a world where All Things Are Possible. We will continue to explore the cutting edge of health, well-being, and innovative, sustainable living.

In the future we will offer original music and stories to uplift the spirit and inspire the imagination.